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The Man and dog in a healthy environment

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The man´s best friend

ECO DOG WALKER is a world-renowned patent-protected, unique technology for eco dog walking. It is equipped with a revolutionary ecological filter. It represents not only an ecological but also a extra economically and technologically advantageous solution for cities and towns around the world.

Environmentally and efficiently

ECO DOGWALKER  reduces public and private property damage. Above all it reduces probability of health damage of our SMALLEST a YOUNGEST! It protects groundwater by filtration and recycling of dog urine with its subsequent use in agriculture.

Patented technology

ECO DOG WALKER facility with its patented kit of animal alomons attracts dogs to do their needs in it. Thus it keeps the air, ground and groundwater from polluting with dog excrements. That‘s why the environment remains cleaner.

How it works?

We can divide this extraordinary efficiency of ECO DOG WALKER into three simple steps. The dog is attracted by the patented component to the device, then it does the job, finally you dispose of the solid excrement.

Benefits for you

ECO DOG WALKER helps reduce the penetration of dangerous substances from dog excrements (through airflow) into human dwellings and consequently into the human body, thereby reducing human health problems.


dogs in UK produces yearly...

tons of excrements.

tons of excrements yearly can by collected and filtered by one facility.

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If you are interested in our services, you can contact us by email or by phone, we will be happy to prepare a non-binding bid.

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