ECO DOG WALKER is a cleaner and fresher world


Cleaner nature

Installation of the facility leads to a cleaner and better environment that prevents the risk of spreading dog diseases, which threaten especially young children, who often play either in the sandpit or in the parks where the pet dogs have a free run.

Ensures hygienic dog walking

The ECO DOG WALKER facility prevents the contamination of public areas by dog ​​excrements, as well as pollution of street lighting, children’s playgrounds or road signs. It eliminates the spread of contagious diseases that are transmissible from dog to human.

More benefits


The main benefit is a cleaner environment for all of us.
  • Reducing the incidence of pathogens in the environment.
  • Cleaner public spaces.
  • Cleaner ground waters and rivers.
  • Healthy adults, especially children and those still unborn.
  • Healthy pet dogs.
  • Healthy fish and birds.
  • Significantly healthier air.
  • Saved costs for doctors and veterinarians.
  • Saved maintenance costs for both private and public assets.
  • The end of nervousness due to the removal of excrements from footwear. 
  • Relatively high economic return on investment for public finances.
  • Significant economic benefit also for population.