The guaranteed result of the ECO DOG WALKER facility is based on long-term research.

ECO DOG WALKER attracts the neighbourhood dogs mainly because of the special patented craving substance placed in the device. The dog therefore has a strong urge to go to the facility and to get out of it. Concentration of dog excreta at one place in the vicinity does not pollute the environment of the surrounding area. Revolutionary ecological filtering technology removes unwanted substances from the liquid excreta, releasing only a safe fluid into the environment. A rigid excrement removes the owner of the dog using a plastic bag in the prepared wastebasket.

But what are the benefits of the device?

Dogs excrements are a serious threat in today ´s world, especially in cities. Unremoved excrements contain a number of pathogenic germs which:

1. After desintegration and by influence of airflow, they get into the homes and then into the human body, in particular by inhaling or settling on the body of the person through the skin. Consequently, It can cause serious health problems especially for children, but also for adults. Extremenets are, for example, also a serious source of various allergies.

2. After infiltration into the soil, they enter the groundwater, contaminating not only the soil, but mainly the groundwater and drinking water.

Maintenance and servicing of the ECODOGWALKER facilities includes

  1. Regular status checks by service personnel.
  2. Exchange of sorbents and filters.
  3. Checking and exchange of synthetic alomon protected by copyright.
  4. Non stop hotline.

Other reasons to use ECO DOG WALKER

  1. The installed ECODOGWALKER facility protects not only public but also private property: In particular, street lighting and traffic signs columns, children’s playgrounds, benches and lawns in parks, walls and staircases of buildings, decorative equipment of residential areas and parks such as shrubs, flowers, trees and fountains.
  2. Dog urine is very aggressive and can quite quickly destroy not only steel but also concrete, wood and other objects. 
  3. Not only will the health of the population and animals improve, but also the environment. It will also become much clearer and more beautiful.
  4. In addition, public administration will save considerable funds for maintaining and repairing the public space. Private owners of buildings, cars and other property will save as well.
  5.  Dogs need not only to eat, but also to be walked. Residential areas packed up with pet dogs, however, also mean an unsustainable state of piling up of dog excrements. These often causes “fights” between pet dog owners and other residents. 

The ECO DOG WALKER facility in cooperation with pet dog owners can handle these problems.